We at TecBridge, provide hand-pick permanent resources for your organization that meet all your job requirements. Let’s take a look on how we do it.


Permanent staffing

  • 1
    Identify & analyze
    opportunity from
  • 2
    Research & identify
    potential candidates
    from extensive database
  • 3
    Evaluate potential candidates by panel of experts
  • 4
    Share profiles
    with client/partners
    for interviews
  • 5
    Candidate selection
    & contract finalization


Approach (Human Intervention & AI Driven Model) – Map Business Needs with Candidate Skill-sets:

  • Identify Business Needs & KPIs:

    Business needs & related KPIs are identified manually by Gateway

  • Gather Data & Build AI Model:

    TecBridge gathers relevant KPI performance data and behavioral data and use it to generate unique predictive model (Human Resource – AI) after identifying best fit candidates from the centralized database

  • Candidates’ Initial Test:

    Potential candidates are required to complete a short & quick engaging test as a part of the existing recruitment process

  • Candidate Evaluation Process via AI Model:

    After a candidate has completed the test, the model instantly generates a potential performance rating

  • Increase in Model Maturity:

    The model re-calibrates automatically and improves its predictive accuracy when new performance data becomes available


Exceptional Results:

  • Increases the speed of hiring
  • Improves new hire performance
  • Reduces staff turnover
  • Reduces exposure to ‘inappropriate hires’
  • Reduces bias in the hiring process
  • Ensures an outstanding candidate experience

We at TecBridge, provide resources on temporary basis for your organization that meet your project requirements. To know how we do it roll down below:

  • Temporary Deployment
    from the customers

  • Tecbridge Analyzes
    the customers’ business needs

    Tecbridge’s Way Forward

  • Tecbridge and the customer signs a mutual agreement
    for resource deployment duration

At TecBridge, we have various plans with different phases for you to hire resources based on your requirement. Take a tour at the highlights tabled below:

Start Up Phase

3 Months:

  • Onsite rotation
  • Culture alignment
  • Core team setup
  • Delivery framework
  • Knowledge transition
Results: Sustainable delivery framework & knowledge transition

Growing Phase

4-12 Months:

  • Early Warning System (EWS)
  • Code guidelines & review processes
  • KPI & tracking report
  • Projects follow-up
  • Governance model
Results: Growth with increased responsibilities

Perfomance Phase

1 Year:

  • Continuous productivity & process improvement
  • Innovation
  • Self-governance model
  • Ownership & customer proximity
Results: Outcome is realized