Permanent Staffing

Permanent staffing is not an easy task, with the right person for the right job for longer commitment is key. Searching for the right candidates and absorbing them for the organization needs an experts guidance. TecBridge has the perfect blend of experience and resources to provide permanent staffing services for organizations.

We, at TecBridge, here to hand-pick ‘Right Person for Right Job’ for your organization. Our permanent staffing solutions have the pool of qualified and experienced candidates for any expertise and technology you need. Our expert consultants are always there to understand your requirements and choose the suitable talent pool for your company. TecBridge is there to fill the talent gaps in your staffing.

TecBridge permanent recruitment process

TecBridge has a tried-and-tested process for hiring candidates, which makes the entire recruitment process easier than ever. We are the perfect bridge between employers and candidates with the ‘Right Person for Right Job’ methodology. Our 3-stage recruitment process is as follows.

Requirement analysis

Our first step in permanent staffing solutions is requirement analysis for our client. This is crucial to understand the client’s requirement before providing any solution, so we give ample time to understand the client’s business, organization culture, background, and short-term & long-term goals. It also helps to understand the role and responsibilities of candidates.

Tailor-made recruitment plan

Our Requirement Analysis gives us the clear understanding of client’s need and accordingly, we make a tailor-made recruitment plan. Permanent recruitment needs a thorough understanding of requirements and candidates’ profiles to fulfill the needs of a client.

Shortlisting the candidates and verification

Shortlisting the candidates is the next step in our hiring process followed by customized interviews. The interview process is to identify the skill sets required and potential of candidates for the position. Our rigorous process is to make sure that you get the most suitable candidates to fill your talent gaps.

Along with this, we also do the background check, work history, qualification, and professional references, which is crucial in a permanent recruitment process. Undoubtedly, we hand-pick the perfectly suitable candidates for your needs and forward their profiles. In the entire process, we work closely to make sure that you get the suitable and sustainable candidates for your organization.

Finalizing the job offers and on-boarding candidates

Our permanent staffing services are also helping to finalize the job offers and onboard the candidates successfully. We manage the final job offer, negotiations, and confirmation of signed offer letters from candidates and their on-boarding. And, we don’t let the process here, additionally, we have an on-going follow-up process to assure the hassle-free on-boarding process for you. With our permanent staffing solutions, we work as your own in-house HR team, which makes the hiring process seamless.

In this constantly evolving market, this is really difficult to find the reliable talent for your organization which also meets the requirements and shows the long-term association. TecBridge is able to fulfill these needs for organizations. With our proven method we make sure to deliver quality resources for organizations whenever needed.