Software Factory SETUP



TecBridge has assembled a range of business offerings and service models under the Software Factory umbrella:


Start Up Phase: Building the Bridge (3 Months)

  • Onsite team deployment to get closer to customer environment
  • Core team formation
  • Establish “Early Warning System” with required parameters
  • Set up governance model
  • Building team environment and bonding among key POCs by ensuring required change management
  • Set up base delivery platform for execution
  • Building culture bridge

Growing Phase: (4 to 12 Months)

  • Onsite rotation of team members from both ends
  • Scalable staff augmentation
  • Form coding guidelines and delivery standards for engagement
  • Execution of key assignments
  • Take charge of Mission-critical projects
  • Create and agree various project tracking and reports to be included under EWS
  • Grow core team/build extended team
  • Train the trainer approach by coaching new addition within team

Performance Phase
(12 Months and ahead)

  • Take up larger responsibility in an overall engagement
  • Continuous improvement and productivity
  • Create and agree on various project tracking and reports to be included under EWS
  • Train the trainer approach by coaching new addition within a team

TecBridge’s Software Factory Model of Development:

TecBridge follows the software factory development model for its following characteristics:

  • Allows a pool of resources with cross-functional competence to be deployed across various project environments and verticals

  • Ramps up production and reduces turnaround times and costs with massive availability of consulting and programming skills

  • Availability of resources that has subject matter expertise and focuses on specific vertical knowledge

  • Improves efficiencies across functional domains with employee stringent metric collection

  • Enables constant availability and easy retention and ramp up of resources with a strong focus from the HR

  • Competence in remote project management and effective coordination of onshore-offshore activities leads to efficient offshoring experiences

HR focuses on the availability of resources with varied skill sets to provide a one-stop solution for large as well as small corporates. Under this approach, corporates can outsource most of their IT functions and development activities to TecBridge.