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What Is TecBridge?

TecBridge, A Gateway Group Company, established with an objective to fulfill demand for talent across the globe and looking at Gateway’s experience in sourcing quality talent. Being in business for over 22 years and providing IT consulting to Fortune 500 companies with a mutually effective business model, we possess capabilities to maintain a talent pool of skilled and migrate them to client site taking care of the end-to-end hiring process.

We already have few partners registered. Why should we partner with TecBridge?

Try answering the questions given below:

  • Do you have the flexibility to have resources tried out before you engage into long term commitment with them?
  • Do you have the flexibility to work with candidates in either offshore or onsite mode to kick start the project before you commence with the engagement?
  • Do you get options to hire from a pool of preselected candidates for very fast execution of your project?
  • Is your partner experienced in running technology projects which gives them a deep understanding of how and what kind of resources are needed?
  • Is your partner capable of consulting you on the best team structure, methodology, development plan and type of resources and take ownership of same?

The answer to all the above questions would be YES if you partner with TecBridge. Our clients trust and rely on us completely for the kind of services we provide and our expertise within the staffing industry. We also have a unique offering of setting up an offshore operations/development center which results into better ROI positive outcome for our clients.

Why TecBridge?

We provide candidates for your project on an immediate basis (deploying the resource on client projects from offshore until his/her travel and other logistics are in place), once the contract is signed. Tec-Bridge also relocates the resources from India to client site and takes care of the
entire hiring and placement process.

We have a unique business model for our clients called “Trial Model” – wherein our clients can test our candidate’s performance for 2-3 months and depending on their decision, they can decide whether to keep working with the candidate or simply call off the contract.

TecBridge possesses capabilities around the latest and emerging technologies and have a readily available talent pool of candidates that are already screened, tested and interviewed to fulfill any immediate client requirements.

As a Startup, We Do Not Outsource Our IP. So, Why Do We Seek Help from Tecbridge?

TecBridge strictly follows all the regulations and is well-aware of all the laws and legalities of the GDPR act that is implied in the European Union and UK. Our clients trust us completely and have nothing to worry about in terms of data protection.

You don’t have to outsource; we migrate our resources to client locations in the Europe and the UK.

What Does Your Recruitment Process Entail?
  • Understand and analyze the client requirements
  • Source for best suitable profile from internal resource pool or external hire
  • Screen and interview them internally before sharing the profiles with our clients to make sure it’s the best match to their requirements
  • Share the profiles with clients and schedule the candidate interviews for them (if they prefer)
  • Communicate the offerings/negotiations and release the final offer to close and hire the candidate once our client agrees to have the candidate on board (in case of external hire)
Does Tecbridge Offer Relocation Assistance to Its Selected Resources from India?

Yes, we take complete responsibility for the relocation of our resources to the EU/UK. While communicating with our client, we prioritize on deploying Indian resources and from internal Gateway talent.

Does Tecbridge Offer Already Technically Screened/Interviewed Professionals?

Yes, all the profiles we share with our prospects/clients are pre-screened, tested, and interviewed. The candidates are not just screened technically, but also tested on the basis of aptitude, language proficiency, cultural fitment, and their motivation towards work. We mentor/guide/coach them on regular basis even after they are placed full-time at customer location/project

What Kind of Technology Professionals Does Tec-Bridge Offer?

We provide you with talent that is proficient in (but not limited to) the core technologies given below:

  • JS Frameworks – AngularJS, NodeJS, AmberJS
  • UI / UX – HTML5, jQuery, Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Microsoft Framework (ASP.NET, C#.NET, C#)
  • Business Process Automation – MS SharePoint
  • OpenSource – PHP, Java, J2EE
  • Databases – MS SQL, MySQL, NoSQL, Oracle
  • Analytics – PowerBI, SSRS, SSIS, SSAS,
  • MS Azure, AWS, Google Cloud
  • iOS, Android, FullStack, DevOps,
  • QT Framework, C / C++, VC++

Emerging Technologies

  • Immersive Tech – AR, VR, MR, AI, ML, Tensor Flow,
  • Data Science & Analytics
  • Digital Twin
  • Socket Programming, IPC, HMI
  • IoT
  • Search & Discovery Technologies

We can provide professionals having Automotive IT competencies as well.

What Geographies Does TecBridge Serve to?

Most of our clients are based in the EU & UK and APAC and North America.



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