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IT Staffing Solutions & Services

TecBridge is a leading staffing solutions with a unique model of RPRJ – RIGHT PERSON FOR RIGHT JOB. We ensure IT consultants are identified and deployed for the right job by mapping customer requirement with the consultant know-how and experience.

We help our clients to deploy best IT professionals in their business. Our seamless support across different geographies helps global clients with their complex projects to discover the best staffing solutions.

Permanent staffing is not an easy task, considering the right person for the right job for longer commitment as the key. Searching for the right candidates and absorbing them for the organization needs an expert’s guidance. TecBridge has the perfect blend of experience and resources to provide permanent staffing services for organizations.

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Staffing the Right Person for the Right Job is a challenge for companies. The shortage of resources will be always there, despite scheduling your hiring process and full and part-time employees. Unwelcome circumstances are responsible for the shortage of resources, which includes health issues, vacations, emergencies, and the sudden departure of employees due to some personal reasons.

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The Software Factory Setup is a specialized form of business process outsourcing implemented at TecBridge. It helps our client to outsource the complete department or specific team specialized in certain technology. Sometimes, the expansion in business or some new unit creates a need for more resources. In such scenarios, our customized model offers a contract based on project or duration.

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