Tech Staffing Crisis in Scandinavian: How Can TecBridge Help?

AUTHOR: Tec-bridge Team

Scandinavia is a developed region of Europe because of its talented citizens. It is in this region, where startups flock consistently and people thrive for innovation. However, when it comes to technological talent, the country faces certain problems. The ongoing shortage of tech talent in Scandinavia is fueling employers to look beyond borders and find skilled manpower as per their needs.

Most of the countries in the Scandinavian region are experiencing problems when it comes to searching for IT staff. The problem is, a lack of skilled staff, while it is growing consistently. For instance, if we talk about Finland, a study by the Finnish Information Processing Association stated an urgent requirement of about 7,000 software programmers recently. While in the case of Denmark, the country might face a shortage of about 20,000 IT specialists in the coming decade. These problems are likely to grow with time.

For many reasons, whether it is because of the brain drain of the talent or aging populations, the recruitment crisis is likely to take place in different countries of the Scandinavian region. As a staffing solution expert, TecBridge aims to resolve the skills shortage issue prevailing in today’s technological sector.

Skills That Employers Should Look for

While working in the IT industry for a long, each of the candidates selected by us has experienced an opportunity of working with various technical verticals. This helps them to cater to the demand of today’s clients. Also, it brings a well-rounded understanding of technology or niche. With such insights and capabilities, IT staffing consultants can match candidates for different companies, thereby achieving the highest possible success rate in the form of the right person for the right job.

What Tech Skills Are in Demand?

The Cedefop Report highlights ICT architects, ICT testers, test analysts, software and systems engineers, and developers as some of the most wanted professionals. There is also a dearth of both graduate and experienced candidates. This is reflected in the current research figures and in the anecdotal evidence. 

The government and wider tech industry need to work together to overcome the challenges the IT sector is facing – ensuring that digital innovation continues to flourish. For the candidates with sought-after skill sets, this represents an opportunity to take their career in a better direction.

How Can We Help Tackle the Talent Gap?

We believe in building the talent gap and investing in tomorrow’s talent. We know that mere formal knowledge is not effective to boost the talent pool. Thus, we apply different schemes, which allow people working with us to undergo certain training sessions that can boost their existing skill sets. Besides, we help employees to improve their soft skills and gain certifications prevailing in the industry to close the talent gap further.

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