Tech Talent Shortage in the Netherlands: How can IT Companies Cope with it?

AUTHOR: Tec-bridge Team

The Netherlands is the only European country, which has three of its cities listed among Top 15 when it comes to the quality of life while maintaining the first position for its work-life balance. However, one of the major problems for the Netherlands is that it is currently facing a huge shortage of technological talent.

Staffing Shortage in the Netherlands

According to a recent report released by Startup Amsterdam and Amsterdam Economic Board, the demand for tech talent has doubled, reaching a figure of x26 job vacancy openings per available tech worker. Sterksen, a popular recruitment firm located in the Randstad area (the largest Dutch urban region including the major cities) has cited that 5 out of 6 tech job openings go unfulfilled.

Among the tech talents, data scientists are highly difficult to find and software developers continue to be the most sought-after candidates.

Going forward, IT leaders are likely to experience the biggest concern in finding the technical talent to drive projects of new-age technologies. In order to overcome this challenge and stay ahead of the competition, many companies are opting for global talent searches.

Strategies Adopted by IT Companies to Cope with Tech Talent Shortage 

Depending on the current situation of the Netherlands pertaining to tech shortage, good IT companies have to adopt the following effective strategies-

Consider the Effects of Digital Transformation

Today’s strong economy is driving large numbers of startups and providing companies with enough confidence to make big investments in modern technologies. Businesses are transforming technology-wise and investing in tools and skills, which help them to innovate and adapt quickly. Therefore, the requirement for niche-based tech skills in various small and medium organizations is increasing at a fast pace.

IT companies and other business organizations have to strategically recognize that digital transformation prevails at the enterprise level. Companies also have to consider the way in which the digital revolution and technology are affecting different facets of product and/or service delivery.

Latest Development in the IT and Technology Space

The skills sought after by IT companies are changing rapidly. Accordingly, new and emerging skills, like analytics, big data, blockchain, and cloud solutions in the form of AWS and Azure, CD/CI, and SDN technologies are a few of the skills in demand. Simultaneously, if we talk about Oracle, SAP, and Java project management, along with business analysis, the demand has exceeded the supply.

With the consistent change in the industrial pace, companies demand specific skills for robotics, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things to develop and emerge. As the adoption of the mentioned technologies is increasing consistently, talents have to manage projects in those areas that require some catch-up time.

Organize Tech Bootcamps for New Talents

Today, most companies and business ventures are focusing on the programming skills of a potential candidate instead of checking his/her educational background. For this, IT companies should organize tech boot camps to allow potential talents to learn the necessary skills to become employable within a record time. Thus, candidates develop the exact skills, which employers often look for in new candidates. On the other side, companies get competent candidates and overcome tech shortages to some extent.

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