Where Can You Find Skilled Employees During a Talent Shortage?

AUTHOR: Tec-bridge Team

In this digital age, technology is transforming the expectations of skill sets from any new hire. It has given rise to new roles and responsibilities, which require advanced skills. This is where businesses are facing a challenge. – Right talent for the right job. As companies go digital, the roles and expectations of the candidate transform. From a research report by Manpower, nearly 18 percent of employers say the main reason they cannot fill roles is a lack of suitable applicants. Another 25 percent say candidates lack the type of experience. Finding the right person with the right blend of technical skills and human strengths has become difficult. It is time to adopt a new approach that addresses this talent acquisition problem.

As companies are experiencing the demand for candidates with new roles, there are chances that the traditional way of working would become obsolete. Employers today, realize that what you are likely to learn is becoming more important than what you already know.

Most of the companies are already facing a situation where a happy client wants to increase the volume of work. However, the expected contract is for a short duration. To manage this opportunity it is not wise to raise the requirement for hiring additional candidates. They may become a liability when the project gets over. Therefore, to tackle the talent shortages companies need to find different ways to acquire the right talent. Here are a few suggestions, read on-

#1 Upskilling existing talent

Many company leaders focus on getting more out of existing employees to counteract the effects of talent shortages. On the other hand, most employees also appreciate the development opportunities received from the company. Though this looks like one of the most impactful approaches to manage the skills shortages, it demands regressive efforts and certain amount of time. Upskilling the existing staff requires multiple training sessions along with the practical implementations.

#2 Partnering with IT staffing solution provider

Companies can consult IT staffing solution provider who will analyse the project requirements and guide you with the right talent. In the above scenario, the company can partner for temporary staffing and onboard the talent for the short duration too. With them, companies can scale, implement, and support projects without the strain of an IT hiring process. The hassle and tediousness of searching candidates and arranging interviews are taken care of.

#3 Get a temporary staffing solution

If there is an immediate requirement to hire staff for a limited period similar to the above scenario then temporary staffing solution works best. TecBridge is one of the leading consulting and professional services providers in Europe offering complete staffing, hiring, and human resource management services to organizations. When any company partners with us for temporary staffing solution, we work as an integral part of that organization.

If you are looking for a staffing solution- temporary or permanent, our experts will guide you to decide better. Get in touch with us at info@tec-bridge.com and find the right candidate for your project.



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