Why is Talent Shortage a Major Concern in Finland?

AUTHOR: Tec-bridge Team

The Finnish software industry is facing a major lack of talent for a long. The collective effect of demographic trends and a post-recession slowdown in hiring has resulted in a growing shortage of talent. Due to this, Finnish organizations experience a huge gap in finding candidates with the right skills and expertise.

The Helsinki Times reported that Finnish employers were also struggling to find tech professionals, especially engineers. Despite the relatively high number of 4,000 unemployed engineers in the country, vacancies remain due to a skills mismatch.

Major challenges that Finnish organizations need to recognize and overcome:

Shortage of Skills

The economy of Finland is driving large numbers of startups and providing companies with enough confidence to make big investments in modern technologies. Businesses are transforming in terms of technology, tools, and skills, which help them to innovate and adapt quickly. Therefore, the requirement for niche-based tech skills in various small and medium organizations is increasing at a fast pace.

IT companies and other business organizations have to recognize that digital transformation prevails at the enterprise level. Companies also have to consider the way in which the digital revolution and technology are affecting different facets of product and service delivery.

Skills Mismatch

With increasing innovation in digital technologies, the nature of work has also evolved. From modifying the business models to customers’ expectations the challenge of finding the right fit with relevant skills is going to be intensified as we move ahead with 2020.

Finnish organizations need to bring their hiring strategies more in line with the demands of the business. As companies are experiencing the demand for candidates for new roles, there are chances that the traditional way of working would become obsolete. In addition, onboarding a candidate with a dynamic skill set rather than being confined to anyone will be more effective.

Cross-Culture Differences

Cultural differences play an important role when hiring candidates from different regions. Therefore, it is essential to understand and consider those differences for the optimal onboarding experience of candidates belonging to different countries. Understanding these differences makes the staffing process more powerful and boosts the success rate of hiring candidates.

Some of the innovative and effective ways to fill the skill gap are:

  • Draw a talent map and pen down the required skill sets.
  • Identify and analyze the difference between the skills gaps based on your current and projected business priorities.
  • Implement training and learning into everyday work by leveraging innovations.
  • Opting for global talent searches.

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